AMTAI (Advanced Medical Technology And Innovation) Motto:

Surgical procedures have evolved … so have we.

Why Meden entered into cooperation with AMTAI…

Cooperating with professionals operating on the global market of medical products and services is essential to us. Our clients have grown used to the fact that AMTAI offers the best state of the art technology.

AMTAI is currently the leading American manufacturer of surgery tables mounted in hospitals all over the United States. This is the key aspect determining the high quality of this company’s products. AMTAI pursues to offer high quality at affordable prices (perfect price-quality ratio) all over the world.

One of the key aspects is the compatibility of the T1000 and T800 series with other essential devices used in the surgery room. We would like to organize your work to make it lighter and more comfortable. Our devices were designed and developed to increase patient comfort, particularly with prolonged procedures.

Key features:

  • electro-hydraulic system
  • durability
  • flexibility
  • safety
  • reliability
  • universality

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