T800 series

Thanks to its impressive innovativeness and compact structure, the T800 series marks new criteria for the future. In addition, the series provides great versatility and multiple possibilities in terms of clinical work. The series is suitable for nearly all hospital uses, including the urology, neurology, orthopedics, and cardiology wards.

The T800 series was designed and developed to facilitate and optimize various patient positions. Thanks to its perfect structure, the T800 series raises operating personnel and patient comfort. Its significant advantage is the fact that the T800 series reduces the symptoms of fatigue in the case of prolonged procedures.

What is particularly impressive is the possibility of monitoring the patient using a C arm. Ergonomic remote control with illuminated panel guarantees comfort, particularly during endoscope examinations.

Safety plays a great role in the case of the T800 series. When it comes to safety, a particularly high safety priority for patients, medical doctors and nurses must be adopted.

All systems from the T800 series are equipped with the auto-diagnosis function, which, in the case of failure, immediately signalizes its code. T800 are also equipped with an emergency button and a sound warning signal. All functions essential for maintaining proper safety are designed to ensure uninterrupted operation of the device, and include stainless steel elements increasing the durability and safety of the T800 series.

Key facts

  • maximum table load-bearing capacity 363 kg (800 lb)
  • carbon fiber kidney elevator (X-ray penetration)
  • mechanic operation to control patient pressure
  • USB connection (e.g. for OR integration systems)
  • floor locks (electric-hydraulic) leveling floor unevenness up to 5 mm (method patented by AMTAI)
  • foot pump (secondary hydraulic drive)
  • X-ray screen guides (size 14 X-ray screens)
  • auto-diagnosis system (failure code screening and warning signal)
  • emergency button
  • leveling (table surface levels out according to natural gravity)
  • ergonomic design and illumination of the remote control
  • during operation, the T800 table may be set in the normal position or in the reverse position (depending on the operation type and on the needs)
  • the remote control includes two additional functions – “Normal” and “Reverse” to avoid confusion
  • pressure-alleviating mattresses, 6 cm thick (seamless, water-tight, fire-resistant, antistatic and antibacterial). The mattresses provide ideal balance of pressure alleviation and low X-ray permeability, which protects the operating personnel against excessive X-ray doses
  • front-to-back slide up to 31 cm for maximum monitoring using the C arm
  • side protective guide (prevents tools from falling into the guides)
  • separated surfaces

The functions specified above are a selected part of the overall functions and parameters.


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